This Reenactment Group has been established in order to portray the SAS's activities in Asia, during the

Malayan Emergency 1948-1961

and the

Indonesian (Borneo) Confrontation 1962-1966


This period has been referred to as

"Britain's Vietnam".

(but we won)

Statement of Intent

Our Groups aim is to promote public awareness of these overlooked British small wars.

The site is dedicated to the service personnel that served, and to those who gave up their lifes, during these conflicts.

National Malaya and Borneo Veterans Association


SAS Regiment Association

The Group is named "Bersayap Tentara"

Indonesian for

"Winged Soldiers"


An inscription found on a tree near to border with Kalimantan



"Go No Further, Winged Soldiers of England"

Where in the World ?


Jungle Warfare School


Training Notes

Sept. 1968

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1. Introduction. 19. Jungle Ranges.

2. Platoon Organisation & Equipment. 20. Booby Traps.

3. Silent Signals. 21. Searching Villages.

4. Immediate Action Drills. 22. Assault on Defended Village.

5. Navigation. 23. War Dogs.

6. Health. 24. Combat Tracker Teams.

7. Radio Communications. 25. The Attack.

8. Living off the Land. 26. Air Reconnaissance.

9. Poncho Shelters. 27. Air Supply.

10. Sentries. 28. Helicopters

11. Harbouring. 29. Joint Operations Room.

12. Visual tracking.

13. Movement by MT

14. Crossing Water and use of Waterways

15. Patrolling.

16. Ambushes.

17. Night Lighting

18. Tree Demolitions.


217 Pages



Jungle Training "Calvert" Style - Air guns at the Ready

Note- the fencing mask for protection.

Tree Jumping


Supply Drop


Helicopter Drop

Hearts and Minds

Gurka Support